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FACILITY BASED SERVICES include individualized and group instruction in the areas of developmental skills, pre-vocational skills, communication skills, cognitive learning, cooking skills, daily living skills, exercise and range of motion therapy, community participation and more. Facility based services may also include 1:1 services and other small groups, but may include groups up to 1:10.


ARTS AND CRAFTS:   Holiday cards, thank you notes, get well cards and other educational and leisure time arts and crafts.

MULTI-MEDIA CENTER:   Computer skills, reading skills, proper telephone use and etiquette, functional library skills, etc.

RECREATION AND LEISURE SKILLS:   Gardening, fishing, sewing, quilting, etc.

PRE VOCATIONAL TRAINING:  Service recipients receive individual instruction in the areas of vocation training such as stuffing envelopes, sanding, sorting small parts, bolt/nut/washer assembly and other vocational activities that assist the person in following directional skills to become employed.

CHOIR PRACTICE:   Voice choir, hand bells, music therapy, choral concerts, musicals, etc.

TRANSPORTATION:   Hilltoppers provides transportation to and from the person's home to the day center, community paricipation, medical appointments and other necessary places.

Community based activities include activities and interaction in the community not limited to the following:

  •   Discovery - What does this business do? What jobs are available at this business? Would I want to work here?
  •   Exploration
  •   Current events - discussing local and world news
  •   Food/Coat drives
  •   Visiting neighbors, family and friends
  •   Touring City and County establishments
  •   Projects to assist others in disasters
  •   Learning community signage
  •   Voluteering at other non-profit organizations i.e. caris, pet shelter, thrift stores
  •   Building relationships in the community
  •   Community involvement
  •   Independant living
  •   Recognizing highway, emergency and survival signs
  •   Learning to use local resources such as utilities, banks, library, recreational facilities, etc.

TRANSPORTATION:   Hilltoppers Inc. provides transportation to and from the person's home to the day center, community participation events, medical appointments and other necessary places.

SPECIAL EVENTS: We celebrate and enjoy many holidays and special events throughout the year such as:
Mardi Gras Dance And Meal
St. Patrick's Day Festivities
Easter Eggstravaganza & Party
Spring And Fall Concert At The Palace Theater
FFG-UMC Fisherman's Club
Cumberland County Fair
Independance Day Program
Halloween Hoedown
Thankgiving Meal
Knights Of Columbus Christmas Party

Valentine's Day Dance
Special Olympics
Earth Day Festivities
Hawaiian Luau
Memorial Day Program
Knights Of Columbus Picnic
Service Recipient Appreciation Day
Camp Week At Clyde 4-H Center
Veterans Day Activities
Holiday Program At The Palace

ELIGIBILITY for day services is provided by DIDD or TNCare.
Please Contact Frances Beard at 931-335-2667 for more information.
"To promote each person's identity, autonomy, affiliation, attainment, safeguards, rights, health, and wellness"
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